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Tibb is a humanistic and holistic approach that recognizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causes of illness or health, as well as the techniques of modern science and medicine.

Tibb is spearheaded by the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb. The main objectives of the Institute include promoting the training and practice of Tibb in South Africa with special emphasis on educating and empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health.

For Tibb true healing comes from within. Tibb is not merely a medical system – it is a Lifestyle.

“Integrating Tibb: Holistic Healing with A Science of Medicine, and the Art of Care”

In this video Prof Bhikha provides insights into the holistic approach of Tibb (Medicine) and the philosophical principles on which this system of medicine has been practiced for more than 2500 years as A Science of Medicine, and the Art of Care, and also why Tibb and Western medicine can be ideal partners in Integrative Medicine.

“My Journey to Tibb” – Prof. Bhikha’s introduction to Tibb began more than twenty-five years ago. In this heartwarming, personal interview, learn more about his journey to Tibb in South Africa, his dedication to holistic healthcare with improved clinical skills and service delivery through mindful responsibility to the greater community.

“Lifestyle Factors in Tibb” – Tibb believes that by being aware of our unique temperament and the role of lifestyle in the governance of our health, we can empower ourselves to make wiser choices that will prevent and overcome illness.
This video details the Tibb philosophies of temperament and Lifestyle Factors and explains their value in the modern world where we often choose convenience over healthy choices – at the expense of ourselves. Through self-awareness we can take responsibility for our own health.

Conceptualised, directed and produced by Lianne Cox from A Gaia Works Production.

“About Tibb – Knowing your Individuality and Self Healing” – Tibb is a holistic system that that acknowledges your individuality – it takes every aspect into account. By knowing yourself, your personality and the environmental and emotional issues that affect you, you can enhance your well-being and promote self-healing.

This video highlights the key philosophies of Tibb, especially with regards to our fast-paced, stressful lifestyle that often leaves us in a health deficit.

“Good health is defined not by the absence of illness, but by the harmony with ones environment through mental, emotional and spiritual wellness” Prof. Rashid Bhikha (Chairman and Founder of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb)

Conceptualised, directed and produced by Lianne Cox from A Gaia Works Production.

“Outreach & Partnership Programme” – The Institute has partnered with the Department of Health, NGO’s, and health providers to bring effective, affordable healthcare to underprivileged communities. Our social responsibility programme promotes empowerment in health by educating the public on the role of lifestyle in health promotion and illness management, with trained community health workers as Tibb Lifestyle Advisors.

This video, gives a first-hand account from some of our partners in Soweto, where Tibb has made a profound impact on the community.

Conceptualised, directed and produced by Lianne Cox from A Gaia Works Production.

“Personality Traits of the 4 Temperaments” – This video highlights a comedic approach of the personality traits of the 4 Temperaments in Tibb as explained by Joey Rasdien.

“Tibb Corporate Video” – The video depicts the activities of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb