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Published books

The Institute has developed several books, aimed at consumer awareness of Tibb. These are available for purchase through various bookstores or from the Ibn Sina Institute. For enquiries contact

Prof.Rashid Bhikha

“Medicine of Hippocrates, Galen and Ibn Sina” – Whilst the philosophical principles of this medicine has been included in Unani medicine, Greco Arab medicine, etc., most of the books published by the Institute over the past twenty years have always acknowledged the contribution of the founders of medicine and thus, the purpose of this book is to promote the medicine of Hippocrates, Galen and Ibn Sina.

The first Chapter of the book highlights the foundation of the philosophical principles of this system of medicine that was hypothesised by Hippocrates (460 – 375 BCE), who is still recognised as the Farther of Medicine to this day. Galen’s (129 – 216 CE) contribution to the hypothesis on the temperament is also included in this chapter. Chapter 2 outlines how Ibn Sina (980 – 1037), together with other physicians, fine-tuned the philosophical principles into the practice of medicine during the 8th and 13th century. Chapter 3 provides information on the Institute’s contribution to the philosophical principles of physis, temperament, humours, and lifestyle factors within the context of aetiology, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment, were completed in research projects between 2003 until 2020. In May of 2003, the link between the philosophical principles within the context of aetiology, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment was validated in a research project that included fifty (50) case studies, with each case study proving insights into the holistic approach of Diagnosis and Treatment – through real-life examples – of the Medicine of Hippocrates, Galen and Ibn Sina. This research project is included in Chapter 4

Prof.Rashid Bhikha

“Theoretical Principles of Tibb” – In keeping with the Institute’s primary objective of promoting the training and practice of Tibb, the Institute has uploaded its latest e-book titled “Theoretical Principles of Tibb” for free download. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the philosophy, aetiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment. This reference book can be a primary source in the training of Unani-Tibb doctors as well as medical professionals trained in Western medicine, wishing to integrate the principles of Tibb into their current practice.

The book was reviewed by international experts as listed below:
“The author has made tremendous effort to collate information on Tibb in a systematic manner which will definitely benefit not only health care professionals from Conventional Systems and allied healthcare workers, but also become a handy reference book for practitioners of Tibb (Unani System of Medicine)”. Dr. Ghazala Javed, Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH), Government of India

“The work is excellent to put forth the knowledge of this centuries old medical science to the present medical world”. Prof. M M Wamiq Amin, Dean, Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, India

“The book reveals philosophical aspects of Tibb, especially the concept of Tibb and holism, and should be of interest to anyone wanting to explore the history and philosophy of Tibb”. Prof. Hakim Abdul Hannan/Prof. Tasneem Qureshi, Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University, Pakistan

“The beauty of this book is that in a concise manner, the basic principles, preclinical and therapeutic information, which was spread over multiple books, has been documented in a single book in well-organized and systematic chapters”. Prof. Shakir Jamil, Jamia Hamdard University, India; Former Director General of the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine.

healing with tibb book

Prof.Rashid Bhikha with Dr.Joy Saville

“Healing with Tibb”, provides consumers with a comprehensive overview of the Tibb philosophy with the aim of empowering individuals to better maintain health and manage illness conditions using appropriate lifestyle factors. This detailed yet easy to grasp publication has been designed for individuals without a medical background to better understand the key concepts of Temperament-Your Uniqueness; and its relationship to the predisposition of illness conditions; as well as Physis- the body’s innate ability to self-heal, and how each individual can support Physis to achieve internal harmony.

The causes of illnesses and the rationale behind treatment from the Tibb perspective are explored in-depth, with discussion centering around the qualitative nature of disease. Readers are given insight on how lifestyle factors appropriate to each individual as well as to specific illness conditions can help restore and managing health. The book offers a wealth of invaluable information and includes 50 common illness conditions. It provides readers with an overview of each condition, the Tibb understanding on that disease, and its management, using medication and regimental therapies where necessary, but focusing on diet and Lifestyle Factors.

motp book

Prof.Rashid Bhikha with Moulana Dr. Ashraf Dockrat

“Medicine of the Prophet”“Tibb al Nabawi – Your Guide to Healthy Living” – Co-authored by Prof. Rashid Bhikha and Moulana Dr. Ashraf Dockrat , this well-documented book is based on the works of Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya and Jalalu’d-Din Abd’ur-Rahman As-Suyuti. It quotes relevant Qur’ānic verses and aḥādīth providing valuable insights into the principles of health promotion and treatment from the Tibb perspective, fully subscribing to the tenant that “prevention is better than cure”.

Rashid Bhikha with Nasima Mohamed

“Learning with Tibb”“Your Body, Your Personality, Your Responsibility” – This Life Orientation school text book is aimed at grade 9-12 learners, to create an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and empower young South Africans to take greater personal responsibility for their health.

4 temperaments book

Rashid Bhikha

“4 Temperaments 6 Lifestyle Factors” – Written by Prof Rashid Bhikha, was published in January 2006, with huge success. It is an interesting and motivating read aimed at the consumer and gives clear, explicit instructions on how to identify ones temperament, as well as offering individualised lifestyle programmes for each temperament. Beautifully laid out, with a wealth of information on the health science of Tibb and the impact which all aspects of lifestyle has on health, this book is a must-have for every home.


Rashid Bhikha with Nasira Vallee

“Cooking for Your Body Type” – “Everyday Meals to suit your Temperament” – Our second book,” Cooking for Your Body Type – Everyday Meals to suit your Temperament” is aimed at the consumer. Not only is this popular recipe book a gastronomical delight it also provides valuable insight into the philosophy of Tibb and the importance of eating correctly to suit your individual constitution.

Traditional roots book

Rashid Bhikha with Hakim Muhammed Abdul Haq

“Tibb – Traditional Roots of Medicine in Modern Routes to Health” – Published by the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb in July 2000, “Tibb – Traditional Roots of Medicine in Modern Routes to Health” provides in-depth understanding of the Tibb philosophy. It explains the link between an individual’s temperament and illness, Tibb’s diagnostic techniques and the restoration of health as well as the treatment of illnesses.