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Lifestyle Advisors

Partnerships and Lifestyle Advisors

Through the years, the Institute has offered financial support and partnered with many reputable organisations to provide medical assistance as a means of aid and development in indigent areas. These have included orgnisations such as Islamic Relief International and South Africa, the Islamic Medical Association, local government and reputable NGO’s and PBO’s. (See affiliations for more information)

One of the most successful areas in social upliftment has undoubtedly been the development and training of a tailor-made Tibb Lifestyle Advisor’s programme. Through this initiative, Tibb has assisted with the services of Lifestyle Advisors throughout the country. These nurses and community workers are trained to empower, teach and provide much-needed support to communities lacking in primary healthcare. More often than not, there is also a lack of educational resources regarding the treatment and care of chronic illnesses so the support of Lifestyle advisors has been most welcomed. Tibb Lifestyle Advisors are often the first person that many community members turn to during times of ill health.

Aside from permanent Lifestyle Advisors at clinics and centres with whom we have partnered, our training to City of Johannesburg health promoters has been a huge milestone in communicating the message of Tibb lifestyle for health empowerment. The Institute also engages with day clinics and local hospitals. The RK Khan Hospital in Chatsworth is one such example where a dedicated Tibb Lifestyle advisor has been in residence for several years.

All nurses and Lifestyle Advisors are provided with educational material developed and printed by the Institute in three key South African languages. These leaflets offer a better understanding on Tibb’s “Healthy Living Guidelines” and the Tibb approach to many illnesses.