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Tibb regards the body, mind and soul as being strongly interconnected, taking the viewpoint that diseases have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual as well as environmental elements. If an individual suffers from a particular disease, then Tibb seeks out the underlying causes, rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

According to Tibb, a healthy person can become even healthier. It places equal emphasis on understanding the states of health and disease in the human body. Its mission is both restoring health by treating the illness, and then actively supporting the individual in maintaining optimum health.

Treatments in Tibb include preventative and curative measures aimed at restoring and maintaining health and more importantly coping pro-actively with illness. Tibb treats illnesses, chronic and acute, through prescriptions of diet therapy, lifestyle adjustment, herbal medicine and regimental therapies such as cupping and massage.

Ultimately Tibb aims at promoting a healthy lifestyle as opposed to merely providing quick fixes to healthcare. Understanding and practicing the Tibb philosophy will not only ensure optimum health, but will go a long way in minimizing the effect, or delaying the onset of chronic illnesses, so ensuring an improved Quality of Life.