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Tibb Principle: Treatment

Now that you understand the Tibb principles and the pathological processes that may lead to illness, this page explains tried and tested Tibb treatments. Tibb treatment options work to restore homeostasis combining application of lifestyle factors, eliminative therapies, and pharmacotherapy

Principles in Tibb

The principles in Tibb are an assimilation of the philosophies of Hippocrates, Galen and Ibn Sina. These concepts not only allow for a comprehensive understanding of health promotion, but also provide valuable insights into the causes, pathological processes, management and treatment of illness conditions.

Tibb Principle Treatment

As the philosophical principles of Tibb, makes it possible to identify the cause/s of most illness conditions – Treatment in Tibb has a targeted approach aimed at restoring balance (homeostasis) between the humours and qualities in relation to the temperament of an individual, working with physis. In addition, treatment always include lifestyle factors thus ensuring that not only are the symptoms treated but that the underlying cause/s of illnesses are also addressed. Unfortunately, in Western medicine because of the limited understanding of the cause/s of illnesses, treatment is aimed at treating symptoms.

Tibb is fortunate to have many tried and tested treatment options, that have been developed over centuries. These include:

  • Application of Tibb Lifestyle Factors – considered most important in both management and treatment, especially in chronic conditions.
  • Eliminative therapies – including, amongst others, healing modes such as cupping, diuresis, massage, purgation,  enemas, nasal inhalation and heat therapy – aimed at eliminating excess/abnormal humours in keeping with the Hippocratic concept of pepsis.
  • Pharmacotherapy – The appropriate use of mostly herbal formulations together with minerals and a few animal derived products – which have been time tested over many centuries. Herbal formulations from whole plants or plant extracts are used which makes it safer compared to higher doses of isolated active ingredients from plants, such as curcumin from turmeric – obviously active ingredients from plants have far less side effects compared to chemical based medication used in Western medicine.

A unique approach of Treatment in Tibb is in keeping with the original understanding of ‘allo – pathic medicine’ where the word allo: is a Greek term for opposite. Treatment is based on the concept of opposites, both with respect to lifestyle factors as well as pharmacotherapy.

For instance, medication formulated to treat a cold and flu, will not only include the pharmacological action that will counter/be opposite to the symptoms of a Cold and Flu but also has qualities that are opposite to the signs and symptoms of flu. For example, the pharmacological action of Zingiber officinale (ginger) is often included in common cold formulations, as it counteracts the specific symptoms of runny nose, fever/chills; however, it also has heating qualities which oppose the Cold & Moist symptoms. Similarly, Lifestyle Factors is aimed at increasing the Heat & Dryness to overcome the Cold & Moistness associated with the cold and flu, by keeping warm and having hot chicken soup.

In conclusion, Treatment in Tibb, based on its principles has a targeted approach with therapeutic options, aimed at restoring balance (homeostasis) between the humours and qualities in relation to the temperament of an individual, working with physis. This approach not only addresses the signs and symptoms of illness conditions, but also addresses the underlying cause/s of disease.