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Six lifestyle factors

Lifestyle plays an extremely important role in the state of an individual’s well being. The lifestyles we adopt affect each of us either positively or negatively. Since every person reacts differently and has a unique temperament, the influence of lifestyle on an individual’s health is assessed and addressed holistically, in terms of six factors.

six lifestyle factors - air - Six lifestyle factors

Environmental Air & Breathing

Air is the one thing all living organisms share. The air we breathe, and the way we breathe is our closest and most important contact with the outside environment. Air is our primary source of nutrition, vital to our health. Tibb advocates correct breathing techniques and encourages breathing exercises and medication.
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six lifestyle factors - food - Six lifestyle factors

Food & Drink

Tibb considers food to be the best medicine and potentially, the worst poison. Tibb dietetics centres around the concept of temperament, classifying food and drink according to whether they are hot, cold, moist and dry. Of all the lifestyle factors, food is by far the most effective and easiest to implement since it is in your control.
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six lifestyle factors - rest - Six lifestyle factors

Sleep & Wakefulness

Quality of sleep,amount of sleep and sleeping positions all contribute. Sleep is vital for restoring harmony in the body. It is a time for repairing and healing, strengthening our natural function and rejuvenating the body.
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six lifestyle factors - move - Six lifestyle factors

Movement & rest

Controlled, regular and suitable physical exercise is vital in maintaining good health. Tibb believes that equal attention should be given to the role of activity and rest. As we are all unique, we each have different requirements for exercise and rest.
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six lifestyle factors - stress - Six lifestyle factors


Our emotional state impacts directly on our health. Tibb advises patients to accept that which is fixed and to take control of that which is open to change. Tibb also believes in seeking counselling when necessary in order to encourage individuals to address emotional concerns that may affect their lives.
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six lifestyle factors - digest - Six lifestyle factors

Digestion & Elimination

Undigested food and poor elimination puts strain on the body and causes an accumulation of toxins. Encouraging efficient digestion may involve dietary changes, detoxification and fasting.
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Lifestyle factors influence our health by the qualities they exert, for example certain foods such as ginger have heating properties and would therefore increase heat within the body; exercise too, would increase heat; sleep has a cooling effect and emotions such as grief are associated with cold and dryness. These changes in qualities affect the ideal qualitative state of our temperament.

Physis is responsible for controlling these changes so that the body remains in a state of balance. However, when there is too much of a certain quality it becomes difficult. This is easier explained through the following scenario. If a person has a Bilious Temperament, the qualities of his overall constitution are hot and dry. If he then eats a diet that has heating foods in excess, does too much strenuous exercise (which also increases heat), does not check his emotions – as Bilious personalities tend to get angry easily, and anger is associated with heat as well. Then all of this may cumulatively have a negative effect on him.

Once you have a better understanding of Tibb and know more about the qualities associated with different foods, emotions and actions, you will have a more in-depth understanding of your personal health needs and how best to overcome an excess of detrimental lifestyle factors