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Digestion & Elimination

Whatever it needs for energy and survival, the body takes from the environment. What is not needed is expelled back into the environment in the form of waste products. When the body isn’t able to efficiently remove waste products it is susceptible to many different disease conditions. Waste products are removed from the body through bowel movements, sweating, urinating and other means. Of all the normal elimination methods, elimination from the colon requires special attention.
We know that most of the re-absorption of water in the body takes place in the colon. This process of results in a film of matter accumulating on the sides of the colon. Normal peristaltic movement does not remove this accumulation, which impedes subsequent absorption, and becomes a reservoir for toxic accumulation. Although we may eliminate regularly, this build up can only be removed with an appropriate mild herbal laxative taken on a regular basis. This helps the body to keep the colon free of toxic waste and is an important step to health maintenance.

Tibb guidelines for assisting elimination

  • Eat foods that are easily digestible such as fruit and vegetables and minimize foods like meat and fish that take more energy and time to digest.
  • Use natural digestive aids in cooking such as ginger and drink teas like peppermint or green tea after a meal.
  • Improve metabolic function through the use of herbs and spices like cumin, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, turmeric and black pepper.
  • Ensure that elimination of both urine and stools is never suppressed and that the colon is emptied daily.
  • Take a mild laxative at least once every fortnight.
  • Drink water to flush out the kidneys and to improve the flow of blood in the vessels


As the effects of massage are cumulative, regular massage will greatly increase the overall benefits. These extend to relaxation, improved breathing, circulation and metabolism, calming, easing tension in stiff muscles, easing pain, soothing, healing and general well-being. Massage has an effect on the nervous system and can calm or stimulate, especially blood circulation and lymphatic system improving the elimination of waste through the body. Restoration is effected on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. Using varying techniques like stroking, pressing, kneading the movement works on the soft tissues to improve muscles and sometimes extends to the organs themselves.

Massage oils eliminate friction and assist in dispersing heat evenly through the body. Oil remaining on the body provides a shield against environmental factors. It also acts as a nutrient for the skin and strengthens nerve fibers on hair follicles. Apparently when massage oil is applied to the navel before sleep it prevents the body becoming dry. If oil is administered at the top of the spine where it connects to the skull it has a calming effect on the entire nervous system, also strengthening and calming the nervous system, memory and improving eyesight.