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Ward Based Outreach Teams

The Tibb/Allied Partnership signs new contract of implementing Tibb Lifestyle into City of Joburg Clinics

Following the successful Allied-Tibb partnership, which began in 2015, for the training of more than 2000 Community Healthcare Workers/Ward Based Outreach Teams (WBOT’s), and Health Promoters from the 126 clinics in the City of Joburg as Tibb Lifestyle Advisors, and the successful research project “Care and Support for Improved Patient Outcomes (CaSIPO)” during the 2017-2018 year, a new contract to implement Tibb lifestyle within the City of Joburg clinics was signed.

The research carried out, in City of Joburg Region D (Soweto) focused on the impact of the Tibb Six Lifestyle Factors in health promotion in 120 clients and in 480 patients with chronic illness conditions, measured in Quality of Life parameters. The research has shown excellent results on the impact of Tibb Lifestyle Factors in the 600 case studies – Health Promotion and Illness Management.

Encouraged by the success of the CaSIPO research, phase 4 of the Tibb-Allied partnership to mentor and coach health promoters and WBOT team leaders to include this tool in their day to day routine during their course of work.

A further 3000 health workers in the Johannesburg’s city regional clinics will be trained this year to increase the health promotion department’s capacity to deliver on its mandate. Over 21000 beneficiaries, being regular clients at health facilities and in ward settings will have improved health outcomes by the end of 2019. This would further capacitate health promoters, WBOT team leaders and Community Health Workers implementing life changing programmes earmarked for a better health for all.

From its earliest days, shortly after South Africa’s democracy, self-established clinics and partnerships with local government were a priority for the Institute. Many of these initiatives are still in existence to this day.

The results so obtained will be used to strengthen Community Oriented Primary Care interventions in Gauteng and other provinces. Further, they will be of great input in the future strategic planning of both the Gauteng departmental of social development as well as well as the Department of Health.