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Sleep & Wakefulness

Everyone has a need for sleep but the hours required for adequate replenishment differs from person-to-person and for different age groups. Tibb considers sleep to be cooling and moistening. Wakefulness increases dryness and heat and depletes energy due to physical and mental activity. Sound and peaceful sleep allows Physis an uninterrupted opportunity to restore harmony in the body and:

  • Repair and heal damage done;
  • Prepare the body for the activities to come;
  • Strengthen the body’s natural functions;
  • Eliminate toxins.

The various temperaments require the following amounts of sleep:

  • Bilious: 5 to 6 hours minimum per night;
  • Melancholic: 5 to 6 hours minimum per night;
  • Sanguinous: 6 to 7 hours minimum per night;
  • Phlegmatic: 8 hours per night.