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People behind the vision

people behind the vision - profb - People behind the vision

Prof Rashid Bhikha

Founder & Director

Prof Rashid Bhikha, founder and director of the Institute. Prof Bhikha began his career as a pharmacist in 1969. In 1997, he introduced Tibb to the South African region after researching different health therapies worldwide following a personal life trauma. He initiated the training of Unani-Tibb at the School of Natural Medicine at the University of the Western Cape in 2001. In 2004 he completed his doctorate in education exploring the integration of Unani-Tibb as a solution to meet the challenges facing healthcare in the country. Prof Bhikha is passionate about suitable and affordable medical delivery to all South Africans. He has dedicated his life to health provision and philanthropy and is actively involved in all aspects of the Institute.

people behind the vision - nasima - People behind the vision

Nasima Mohamed


Mrs. Nasima Mohamed,a director of the Institute, is responsible for the financial and administrative activities of the organisation. She is one of the founding members of the Institute and has been a core member of the Tibb team for the past 20 years.

Her background is in complementary health.

nasira people behind the vision - nasira - People behind the vision

Nasira Bhikha-Vallee


Mrs. Nasira Bhikha-Vallee, also a director of the Institute, is responsible for Copywriting, Marketing and Public Relation activities. She is the third founding member of the Institute.

Her background is in pharmacy and creative writing.

people behind the vision - yumna 2016 - People behind the vision

Dr. Yumna Abrahams

Clinical Research Manager

Dr Yumna Abrahams –is a Unani-Tibb Practitioner who qualified from the University of the Western Cape in 2009. Dr Abrahams believes that there is no limit to the diseases that can be treated with Tibb medicine. She ably manages clinical practices at both Tibb Treat- ment Centres in the Western Cape and is head of research for Tibb’s clinical programmes.

people behind the vision - hakim - People behind the vision

Dr (Hakim) Muhammed Abdul Haq

Clinical Research Consultant

Dr (Hakim) Muhammed Abdul Haq -was awarded a degree in Eastern Medicine and Surgery and lectured at a number of prestigious institutions for more than fifteen years. He has been actively involved in all endeavours of the Institute since 1999 and has provided invaluable research to the Education and Training programmes.

people behind the vision - john - People behind the vision

Dr John P. Glynn

Research Consultant

Dr John P. Glynn – has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Leeds, UK. For the past twenty years he has been involved in several Tibb development programmes, as well as as- sisting in the research and writing of articles at the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb.

people behind the vision - moerida - People behind the vision

Mrs Moerida Higgins

Chief Administrator

Mrs Moerida Higgins – is chief Administrator at the Tibb Treatment Centres in Cape Town. She has always been committed to empowering communities and, to that end, is dedicated to the upliftment of health provision in the Western Cape. She is also actively involved in the marketing and promotion of the Tibb philosophy through workshops, education, social responsibility partnerships and the media.

people behind the vision - pinky - People behind the vision

Dr Pinky Mphahlele

Clinical Research Consultant

Dr Pinky Mphahlele- is a qualified Clinical Nurse Practitioner, African Traditional Healer and Reiki master. In 2007 she completed the post-graduated diploma in Unani-Tibb at the University of the Western Cape. She currently runs her own practice in Johannesburg integrating, the principles of Unani-Tibb, conventional medicine and African Traditional Medicine.

people behind the vision - maggie - People behind the vision

Magdalene du Sart

Personal Assistant

Mrs Magdalene du Sart – is personal assistant to Professor Rashid Bhikha since 2011. She ensures that the office functions efficiently and is involved in many of the Institute’s partnership and education initiatives. Her role extends to all facets of daily affairs including updating the Tibb website and digital forums.