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Community Upliftment

Community Upliftment

One of the core objectives behind the establishment of the Institute was the enrichment of the lives of South Africans through effective, affordable healthcare and empowerment through lifestyle advice. To this end, the Institute has endeavoured to serve communities through provision of medical and educational assistance.

From its earliest days, shortly after South Africa’s democracy, self-established clinics and partnerships with local government were a priority for the Institute. Many of these initiatives are still in existence to this day.

The Establishment of healthcare facilities and the subsequent delivery of thereof in underprivileged area

The Institute’s journey towards achieving its vision of assisting the Department of Health in accessibility to health provision began when the first two primary healthcare outreaches were opened, in Kagiso (July 1998) and Leratong (April 1999). Later, an Aids Home-based Care Centre was established in Katlehong (in July 2001), in cooperation with the Greater Germiston City Council.

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Prof Rashid Bhikha & Mayor Padi of Roodepoort at the opening of the Leratong Clinic

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In recent years, the Institute has set up Tibb Medical Centers in Langa (2006) as well as at the Saartjie Baartman Centre (2008) in Athlone, Cape Town. Treatment cost at the centers are subsidized to individuals unable to afford treatment. The sites are also used to support training of students and for research activities.

Providing education on healthy living, including lifestyle advice on chronic illness management

An important aspect of the social responsibility programme is promoting empowerment in health matters through education and training at consumer level. Workshops on the role of lifestyle in health promotion and in the management of chronic illnesses including HIV & AIDS, hypertension and diabetes have been conducted since 2005, to more than 1000 participants, many of them representatives from non-governmental organizations or local municipalities.

From 2010 training in health promotion has been formalized into a Lifestyle Advisors Course, in partnership with numerous health related NGO’s, wherein Tibb sponsored and trained Lifestyle Advisors provide information on the prevention and management of both acute and chronic illness conditions. Integrating healthy living Tibb principles with conventional medicine provides a better understanding of the causes of illnesses, thus empowering patients to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Tibb lifestyle advisors have recently been integrated in the City of Jo’burg’s municipal clinics through a partnership with the Allied Communities Network. Through this initiative, the City of Johannesburg health Department representatives have been privy to the benefits of introducing Tibb principles as an adjuvant to medical care. Over 1500 lifestyle advisors trained to date.

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